Sonoscene 2

Sonoscene 2


Sonoscenes combine one-of-a-kind artwork and high quality stereo audio. These stereo/artworks are the result of several years of research finding and designing the best speaker and amplifier components that would allow for integration into unique artworks. 

Sonoscenes are available with integrated stereo speakers and also have the option of including an audiophile grade (Gain Clone) integrated amplifier with 3 inputs and a subwoofer output. The amplifier is specifically designed for this application, so only 2 small control knobs are visible on most Sonoscenes. 

Each Sonoscene is a unique artwork.

These art/audio pieces are available in either wall-hung or console models, but fully custom versions are available as well. And Sonoscenes can feature almost any imaginable form of artwork, from portraits, to graffiti, to 3D constructions. Almost anything is possible.

Sonoscene 2 is the second collaboration between artist Meek of Topmob and Joel Scilley of Audiowood. As it stands, it is essentially a pair of stereo speakers that can be used with most amplifiers. As suggested above, it can be fitted with an integral amplifier for $1200.00 extra, making it into a standalone audio system. This Sonoscene is a tabletop construction, designed to be placed on a console table or the like. It's footprint is approximately 12" D x 40" W.

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