Little Sound Things

Little Sound Things


Little Sound Things are part of Audiowood's new line of concrete "Sound Things" speakers. The Little ones are satellite speakers intended for use only with an Audiowood subwoofer or another quality subwoofer. Little Sound Things are constructed of hand molded reinforced concrete around an egg-shaped wooden core with a highly irregular interior surface that is designed to eliminate "standing wave" distortion. Drivers are high-quality full range drivers by Seas of Norway. These room-friendly speakers are great with all types of music in small to medium sized rooms, and have the great audiophile credentials that full-range, point-source speakers are known for: precise imaging, good sound staging, etc. They are very precise, but yet non-fatiguing. Each pair is somewhat unique in shape.

The speakers feature gold-plated, undermounted 5-way binding posts, and 6mm threaded inserts in legs that allow for either rubber feet (included) or spikes.

Sound Things are also available in the form of floor standing speakers and a powered subwoofer. In fact, because of their unique construction technique, an almost infinite number of custom designs is available, including smaller footprint floorstanders, the use of higher-quality Seas coaxial drivers, other shapes, etc.


Approximate size: 11" h x 11" d x 11" w
Approximate weight: 15lb each

Seas Performance Specifications

Range -3db: 99-20k hz
Sensitivity: 82db

Shipping is free in the US, $125 international. Price is per pair.

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