El Box Uno

El Box Uno


El Boxo Uno is an uncompromising audiophile speaker in a very small, attractive package. El Boxo Uno features a premium quality Seas coaxial driver and a Seas designed, custom made crossover housed in a sealed cabinet. It offers startling performance, better than anything else we know of in an enclosure of this size: great imaging and soundstaging, great power-handling, impressive bass performance, and the ability to reveal all the nuances of well recorded music. El Boxo Uno is fantastic across the board performance speaker for all types of music.

The El Boxo Unos are a stylish speaker that can be used on their own in smaller rooms, or paired with a quality subwoofer (or two) for even better performance in small or larger rooms. 

Construction is walnut veneered mdf and solid walnut, finished with hand-rubbed varnish and paste wax. El Boxo Unos are 9 1/4" cubes.

Audiowood speakers are custom made to order in about 3-4 weeks.

Shipping to Continental US is free. Shipping to HI, AL, and Canada is $60. International shipping is $160. Please select one option.

Price is per pair of speakers.

Audiowood speakers come with a 2 year warranty against defects in manufacture and assembly. Warranty does not cover damage to drivers based on misuse.

Driver: Seas Excel 5" Magnesium Cone Coax C16N001/F (E0051)

Sensitivity 87db
Frequency Range: 60-20k hertz (-3db)
Long Term Power Handling: 90 watts
Short Term Power Handling: 230 watts

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