Big Sound Things

Big Sound Things


Big Sound Things are Audiowood's newest floorstanding loudspeakers, featuring a completely unique construction of hand-formed reinforced concrete. Aside from their bold look - part industrial artifact, part alien lander - their construction is in many ways ideal for sound reproduction. The internal design is spherical, with a highly varied surface, a combination that eliminates standing waves, and the combined wood and concrete walls are highly rigid and non-resonant. Combined with the high-quality Seas coaxial driver, this enclosure produces great audio...precise imaging, very good soundstage, and great bass extension. 

Because of the hand-formed construction, each Sound Thing is somewhat uniquely shaped. They feature 6mm threaded inserts in legs to allow the use of either spikes or rubber feet (pictured), and undermounted, gold-plated 5 way binding posts for use with bare wire, spades, or banana plugs.

Sound Things are also available in the form of satellite desktop speakers and a powered subwoofer. In fact, because of their unique construction technique, an almost infinite number of custom designs is available, including smaller footprint floorstanders, the use of higher-quality Seas coaxial drivers, other shapes, etc.

Approximate size: 40" h x 30" w x 30" d
Approximate weight: 70lbs each

Performance Specifications from Seas:

8 ohm impedance
82 dB sensitivity w/ BSC
Frequency response: 46Hz (@-3dB) to 25kHz ported
Power handling: 80W Long Term, 250W Short Term

Please Note: at present, shipping is not available for these speakers, but delivery anywhere in the Deep South can be arranged.

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